Rooibos Glow Toner 

What is the Rooibos Glow toner?

The Rooibos glow toner is notorious for rebalancing skin and boosting skin regeneration for an instant glow. It is a daily toner that prepares the skin to absorb post-cleansing skincare products. The toner is infused with African rooibos leaf extract, hyaluronic acid, 1% PHA (Poly Hydroxy Acid), and kombucha – and can be used on all skin types.  

Here are 4 Ingredient Benefits of the Rooibos Glow Toner 

  1. African rooibos leaf  is a strong antioxidant that maintains skin barrier health by acting as an anti-ageing ingredient. Inflammatory properties contained in it calm and soothe the skin. 
  2. Hyaluronic acid is extremely hydrating and responsible for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, increasing water content of skin by binding to water molecules, plumps the skin, and increases skin elasticity. 
  3. PHA is a gentle mild exfoliating acid responsible for improving the texture of the skin, removing dead skin cells, and protecting the skin against external pollutants. Read about AHA’s and BHA’s.
  4. Kombucha increases skin hydration, improves the skin barrier as well, and balances the skin due to the presence of probiotics. 

Pro tip – Read on the benefits of using a toner here

How to Use the Rooibos Glow Toner in 5 steps 

  1. Cleanse
  2. Apply toner or use toner pads 
  3. Apply serum
  4. Moisturise
  5. Protect

Check out our beginner’s guide to build a skincare routine from scratch and let us know what you think of the Rooibos glow toner in the comments below.  

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