Breaking The Bias -Interview with founder of Gucora Andu, Vanessa

Illustrator Vanessa of Gucora Andu answers our questions on tackling taboo topics and gender based bias’ with art. Tell us a bit about your art and how you became an illustrator? My work focuses on illustrating people, especially women, and issues that concern them. In a country where aspects of African tradition contribute to widespread […]

6 ingredients to avoid in skincare products

Why are ingredients important? No product is worth buying if it’s going to be harmful to your skin health. Skincare products exist for the sole purpose of uncovering healthy skin. Guilty of not checking your labels? We have got you covered! Certain ingredients notoriously disguise themselves as useful and keep the skin looking healthy, smooth, […]

Beginner’s guide to building a skincare routine

Why is skincare important? Surprise, surprise skincare matters! The reasons for taking care of your skin and building a skincare routine of your own are endless. The skin is the biggest organ of our bodies, protecting our organs from the external environment, bacteria and irritants.  Our skin deserves love and care, and a good skincare […]

6 ingredients to look for in skincare supplements

Skincare and supplements You must have heard or come across the popular saying “You are what you eat.” Well, we hate to burst your bubble, but it’s true.. It’s all true, if there’s one saying that is actually true, it’s this one! Have you ever noticed a change in your energy levels, or your skin […]

Thyroid and skin connection

What is thyroid disease? Thyroid disease is characterised by a misfunction in the productivity of the thyroid gland. The butterfly-shaped gland sits in the neck and produces hormones that are responsible for coordinating different functions in the body. The gland sends signals to the muscles, organs, skin, and other tissues to communicate to the body. […]

Hyperpigmentation solutions in Kenya

What exactly is hyperpigmentation? Here’s an interesting fact; about 4 out of 5 questions we get about skincare concerns are related to hyperpigmentation! That’s why we’re passionate about creating hyperpigmentation solutions in Kenya. If you noticed parts of your face or body looking visibly darker than others – yup, that’s hyperpigmentation! In more scientific terms… […]

The key ingredients in the “I Am Spotless” pimple patch

Pimple patches are a type of targeted spot treatment that work by delivering acne-fighting ingredients directly to the inflamed pimple.  When compared to other conventional spot treatments pimple patches are more advantageous, and we aren’t just saying that because it’s our NEW-bee, here’s the deal: pimple patches also act as a barrier stopping you from […]

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