Get your glow on with our NEW personalised Skin Quiz.

Learn your skin type and unlock a personalised skincare routine by answering  5 simple questions.

We are getting skintimate! 

Everyone’s skin is different and unique and a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work with skincare. Your skin is significantly different to your sisters, your friends and for this reason, it needs a personalised approach to your  skincare routine built around targeting your  specific skin goals and concerns, all that work in tandem with your skin type. That’s why we created this Skin Quiz, to give you a whole new level of skincare personalisation. After answering 5 simple questions our Skin Quiz will determine your skin type, create a personalised skincare routine and recommend products just for U.So whether you are a beginner in your skincare journey, in need of skincare essentials, looking for new products or an expert skin-vestor with no commitment issues, we’ve got you covered!

How the Skin Quiz Works

  1. Answer a 5 simple questions about your skin including your concerns, and goals and how many steps in your routine work for you 
  1. Submit your email to get the results and 20% OFF your next order 
  1. View your results. You will unlock a personalized skincare routine with product recommendations tailored to your specific skin concerns and skin type along with holistic tips on how to support your skincare goals  
  1. Let’s get glowing – purchase the recommended products to take your skin care journey to the next level 
  1. If you are still not sure where to begin and need some more advice, you can book  a 20 minute one on one consultation with our in-house certified skin care therapist.

The results? Healthy, glowing skin tailored just for U. 

PS: It’s important to note skincare works in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle – and we encourage a holistic approach to support your skin care regimen including managing your stress, eating a balanced diet and exercising. 

Ready to get glowing skin?  Begin your skincare journey with Uncover now. Click here to start your Skin Quiz.

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